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Fic + Podfic: A Girl's Guide to Open Heart Surgery 
24th-Jul-2011 05:12 pm
it me
Title: A Girl's Guide to Open Heart Surgery
Pairing: Jennifer/Needy
Word Count/Minutes: 2655 words | 16 minutes
Rating: R for violence
Summary: The heart wants what the heart wants.

: This was written as part of the pod_together challenge, where podficcers and authors collaborated on their favorite fandoms to create a story designed to be read aloud. What swiiftly and I wound up with is a fix-it fic for the movie, (which, given the movie, a fix-it naturally involves necromancy, human sacrifice and unconventional declarations of love). We're both pretty happy with the final product. swiiftly, is a GEM of a reader, and her character voices are absolutely amazing and fit the tone of the story and the movie so well! It is seriously uncanny how much of Needy and Jennifer shine through in her cadences. LOVE IT.

You can find the fic and the download/streaming links for the podfic here, at AO3.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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